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  • Reinstatement
  • Court Ordered
  • Probation
  • Possible decrease of the reckless driving
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  • Reinstatement
  • Points Reduction
  • Points Avoidance
  • Fine Reduction
  • Insurance Discount
  • Job Requirement
  • Possible Ticket Dismissal
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  • Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA)
  • Joshua's Law
  • Teenage Driving
  • New Driver's License
  • Insurance Discount
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Driving Lesson

State Certified # 559


In-Depth One-on-One Driving Lessons given to teenagers or adults

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3845 N Druid Hills Rd., Suite 106
Decatur, Georgia 30033
Phone: (404)554-8888

Decatur DUI Risk Reduction

If you're searching for a great DUI Risk Reduction near decatur, GA, simply just call #1 Atlanta Driving & DUI School at 1.404.554.8888. We're proud to offer quality drivers education courses, including defensive driving classes, behind the wheel driving school and a lot more available for you near decatur. You can rely on our staff and classes to get you to another level in your driving or to enable you to match the education requirements after a DUI occurrence.

Driver Ed & Defensive Driving Course Decatur Product

near decatur, you may choose between in person, onsite teaching (like our Behind the Wheel Driving School Courses), you can also take advantage of our hassle-free online Drivers Education and Decatur Defensive Drivers Education Courses. Our Defensive Driving instructors near decatur grasp the need for safer driving plus they understand the need to make it fit into your jam-packed schedule. That's the reason we step out of our way to add small things including online Drivers ED education and providing lunch with your driving class.

You can be assured of a fantastic experience when you decide on Atlanta Driving & DUI School to provide your drivers education classes. From personal driving lessons to DUI courses like DUI risk reduction, we are your one-stop driving school that makes it all come together for you within decatur.

Check us out for TADRA (Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act) classes, Joshua’s Law requirement and also other online drivers education courses that raise your safety and decrease your insurance charges. We're in the field of producing better, safer drivers out there, and we're ready to help you at this time near decatur.

Decatur DUI Risk Reduction

The most obvious bonus to our drivers education and DUI courses is safer driving. Having a far better driving experience usually means you avoid accidents and the cost associated with them. We're pleased to play a huge role making our roads and men and women better while driving near decatur, and that we appreciate our driving school students to make that achievable.

In conjunction with safer roads, our driving classes and driver training courses help our Decatur customer trim expenses on their insurance. For those who have a traffic ticket or maybe a DUI within decatur, take our drivers education program today and start decreasing the points on your license by giving your insurance company the confidence to reduce your insurance rates. Start NOW by contacting our driving education course instructor at any time near decatur you should take a Drivers ED Class or Defensive Driving Class; we're geared up to help any time.

We make DUI risk reduction classes easy on you near Decatur. Offering not only top quality driver education and training, we provide meals with your class so that you can focus on the business at hand by strengthening your driving skills and meeting the requirements for your insurance policy or the licensing regulators. Phone us today and check out our DUI courses along with other driving courses that we offer drivers near Decatur.

When you have a DUI on your file, you realize the significance of having quality DUI courses that will help you meet state requirements. If you're all set to cleanup your drivers license, increase your record and move on, allow our driving instructors near Decatur help you with the right DUI course you need. From DUI risk reduction to medical assessments, we have the state certification and drivers classes you'll want to move ahead. For info on our Driving ED Course, contact our Decatur approved driving instructors to enroll with us today. We're the driving school that makes it meet your needs.

Begin Your DUI Risk Reduction near Decatur Now!

Do you have queries about your DUI near decatur and the ways to adhere to state requirements? Call us; we have the solutions. We can easily explain exactly what the alcohol or drug use risk reduction course is, along with what assessment components are certified by DDS in Georgia. We know intervention components, NEEDS assessments and a lot more. This is our business, our industry. You have question and we have answers. Consult with us today and let us tell you about cost, how soon your course can be completed, and just what to anticipate. We are pros at drivers education and virtually all DUI courses, so loosen up and we will guide you through your training. We are always able to help you near decatur and get you the drivers education you need.

When you're all set to raise your safety and decrease your insurance, give us a call. Whether you're getting a new driver’s license, cleaning your driving history or you are ready for behind the wheel driving school or DUI risk reduction near decatur, GA, we are ready to serve you. Phone Atlanta Driving & DUI School now near decatur to find out our most up-to-date schedule and book your spot for our practical and cost-effective drivers education classes.